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5 Great Things About Getting Older

All too often we focus on the negative aspects of aging and forget that there are some really positive things that happen to us as we get older. Here is a list of 5 great aspects of aging.

Seniors are one of the happiest groups of people. Yes, it’s true; studies indicate that seniors are one of the happiest groups and significantly happier than their middle-aged counterparts.

You have probably heard it said, “Knowledge comes from learning, wisdom comes from living.” A lifelong accumulation of knowledge and experiences help give older adults the ability to better control their emotions and keep things in perspective. A University of Michigan study discovered that older adults performed better at reasoning when it comes to conflicts and social dilemmas. Specifically, older adults were more adept at understanding different perspectives, suggesting compromises and coming up with reasonable resolutions.

Free Time
What would you do if you had the time? For most of our adult lives, free time is in short supply. Our days are consumed with pursuing a career, earning a living, raising children, taking care of elderly parents; the list goes on.  For many, this changes as we reach retirement age. Suddenly we have the time to pursue the things that really give our lives meaning and enjoyment, like playing with grandchildren, becoming more involved in faith-based activities, volunteering, participating in civic activities, or learning something new just for the joy of learning something new.

You Want Less
A comedian once quipped, “The key to happiness is a rapid reduction of wants and expectations.” Turns out, he was right. We accumulate so much stuff on our journey through life. As we age, we begin to realize that in many cases less is more and we no longer feel the need to surround ourselves with material things.

You Learn that Your Wrinkles Should Be Worn with Pride
Billions of dollars have been spent researching, developing, marketing, and purchasing “miracle” products to remove and hide wrinkles. At some point, we discover these wrinkles should be worn with a sense of pride. They represent the unique story of our lives, etching a permanent reminder of life’s most painful moments, triumphant joys, and everything in between.

Aging comes with it's fair share of challenges, but focusing on the positive aspects of aging can foster a positive outlook and a growing body of evidence suggests that positive thinking correlates with less illness and longer life.